how long can hair dye sit out

Girl painting her hair

Do you need to know how long can hair dye sit out? Don’t worry we will tell you, read on. After you have mixed the hair dye, it lasts 30 minutes. Look this: from the time you mix the dye and peroxide until you finish applying it to your hair, you have 30 minutes. For … Read more

How should I style my hair today?

Beautiful hairstyle

Today we are going to dedicate ourselves to the hair. The hair is the great protagonist of every day in the life of any woman.A disorganized hair can ruin your day. Therefore after reading this post you’ll have some ideas to style it and make it a real work of art. Hairstyling Styling your hair is … Read more

how to get rid of possums in the attic

You can to get off rid off in the attic

Would you like to know how to get rid of possums in the attic? Read on. You hear the sound of their paws in your attic, and you’re in for a surprise: an opossum! But there is a solution for this, it’s actually a very common occurrence. Find the source of your problem: Figure out … Read more

How to cook boudin on the grill

Cooking boudin

Do you want to know how to cook boudin on the grill? Stay here to read this post. Boudin is a Cajun meal. This is a sausage stuffed with rice, vegetables, seasonings and pork, all these ingredients are inside a natural pork intestine. Like other grilled sausages, boudin does not take long to cook because … Read more

how to make egg in little alchemy

Little Alchemy egg

Do you want to know how to make egg in Little Alchemy? Just read on. You can make egg in Little Alchemy, follow this steps: 1. life + stone 2. 2x bird 3. 2x turtle 4. 2x lizard Egg combinations in Little Alchemy + air = bird + sky = bird + water = hard roe + sea = hard roe + ocean = hard roe + pond = hard roe + fire = omelette + sand = turtle … Read more

How to make your feet skinnier

Thin feet

Many women would like to have a slimmer set of feet, for health reasons or simply to be able to wear different styles of shoes. Do you want to make your feet skinner? We’ll tell you what you can do, read on No one may notice, but having wide feet can actually slow down your … Read more

how to clean pool tile with muriatic acid

Cleaning swimming pool with muriatic acid

Do you need to know how to clean pool tile muriatic acid? Take it easy, we will give you the steps for to do that. Just read on. Pool tiles can be washed with muriatic acid. This needs a lot of work and the use of powerful and dangerous chemicals. However, it is necessary to … Read more

How to make lizard in Little Alchemy?

Lizard in Little Alchemy

Do you want to make Lizard in Little Alchemy? Continue reading. Little Alchemy is a free game that works offline, is very addictive and you can start with only four elements, combining them to form other things. Develop your creativity by mixing elements with Little Alchemy, you have 580 elements at your disposal. The game … Read more