how to get her back after she has moved on

Your ex girlfriend left you and you want to know how to get her back after she has moved? This post is for you. Read on.

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You can to get her back after she has moved

If the connection was meaningful, you may be able to get her back after she has moved on to someone else: you can do it.

This is a process (not necessarily fast), you will need patience, perseverance and discipline.

Tips to get her back after she has moved

  •  Don't buy her

If you think she'll come back to you for an expensive watch, you're wrong.

You can't buy love. It won't work either to beg her, she may accept your pleas but if you exhaust her with your cries it won't be attractive to her: she will leave, sooner or later.

If you follow her everywhere, staying in her space is also detrimental to your goal.

If you want to get over the breakup, don't push her away from you by proving yourself too dependent on her (this is a pathetic thing to do).

  • Do the opposite of what your heart tells you

If you want to show her that you are better than her boyfriend: don't do it. If you want your friends to ask her if she still loves you: don't do it.

That voice in your head that says: "call her and tell her you want to be just friends": no, don't do that.

This is known as "primal impulse control".

When we are in love, we want to show her our love, affection, gifts and attention.

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But if that person has turned the page, you will push them further away from you with your behavior.

  • Start a stage of no contact

To start from scratch, make sure you have no contact with her for a while. You decide how long that time will be, but I recommend about three months.

During this time don't call her, don't text her, don't harass her on her social media.

This also includes limiting the posts she sees from you. You may think you will be wasting time, but it is possible that she will break off her new relationship during those 3 months.

Nothing brings a couple together like a love triangle: When her guy sees that you are actively interested in her, he will become more protective

  •  Let her ask you questions

Let her look you up, ask you where you are and who you are with.

Even though she has broken up with you, she will think about you again.

We gave you some tips to make your ex come back to you after turning the page. We wish you success.

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