How to make lizard in Little Alchemy?

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Lizard in Little Alchemy
You can make Lizard un Little Alchemy

Little Alchemy is a free game that works offline, is very addictive and you can start with only four elements, combining them to form other things.

Develop your creativity by mixing elements with Little Alchemy, you have 580 elements at your disposal.

The game is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Polish, Norwegian, French and German.

Each combination in a small puzzle to solve, and the elements to form interesting and surprising things.

And the update has new designs in portrait mode, better performance best of all you can sync your progress between devices.

When we say it is because it really is: no ads. and no in-app payments.

How to do Lizard un Little Alchemy

  1. egg + swamp

Lizard combinations in Little Alchemy

+ lizard = egg

+ fire = dragon

+ swamp = alligator

+ river = alligator

+ time = dinosaur

+ rainbow = chameleon

Lizard walkthrough

1. earth + water = mud

2. air + water = rain

3. rain + earth = plan

4. plant + mud = swam

5. fire + air = energy

6. swamp + energy = life

7. air + life = bird

8. 2x bird = egg

9. egg + swamp = lizar.

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