How to make space on Little Alchemy

Want to make space on Little Alchemy? Need a few hints? You can get them by reading this post.

You can make space on Little Alchemy


To make space on little Alchemy

If you want to make space on Little Alchemy, you can do.

It's really easy, you can make combinations like this:

  • Earth + fire = lava
  • Fire + water = steam
  • Air + steam = cloud
  • Air + lava = stone
  • Air + cloud = sky
  • Sky + stone = moon
  • Moon + sky = night
  • ¬†Night + sky = star
  • Sky + star = space

How can I create space in Little Alchemy?

  • Drag some air to the board, then place fire on the air until you have energy.
  • After creating the energy, you can combine earth and water to get mud.
  • Now combine water and air to create rain, and also combine rain and earth to create plant.
  • After creating energy, plant and mud, you can add plant to mud to create a swamp.
  • Finally, combine energy and swamp to create life.
  • If you want to learn how to create life, just scroll down.

Want to know what Little Alchemy is?

Little Alchemy is a free puzzle game that presents you with four elements: fire, water, earth and air.

With these basic elements you can create other options from the combinations you make.

It is really a very simple game and has its origin in the ancient art of Alchemy.

Alchemy combines elements from various academic disciplines such as chemistry, physics, physics, astrology, medicine, semiotics, art and others.

The purpose of this art is to speed up your mind to achieve 380 elements that the game presents to you.

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Little Alchemy It's a matter of scientific thinking

Starting, it is enough for you to think about how the earth was formed.

  • The planet is composed mostly of lava that cooled to form rocks.
  • Rocks are the result of heat and pressure.
  • Water over time is able to break down different materials.
  • If you manage to create a few basic ingredients, you were able to combine them intuitively to produce any kind of combinations in Little alchemy.

What I do in Little Alchemy?

You must drag the elements from right to left in Little Alchemy.

Also, you can manage to position another element on it to see if there is a possibility of making the combination or not.

In case you get stuck in the combination of elements, you can ask for the integration of other new elements.

You can find this game in different platforms such as: Chrome, Pokki, Web store, Google Play  and App Store.

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