how to get bike grease out of clothes

The dreaded stains, they are very difficult to remove. Do you want to know how to get bike grease out of clothes? Read on, we will give you the best tips to remove them, quick and easy.

Bicycle grease pants
You can remove bicycle grease stains from your clothes

Tips to remove bike grease from clothes

Removing bicycle grease from your clothes will not be a problem for you, just follow these tips:

  1. Place a clean paper napkin over the grease stain, to try to absorb as much as possible
  2. Soak the garment in hot water to soften the grease stain
  3. Apply a little detergent to the grease stain and rub gently in a circular motion
  4. Leave to act for about ten minutes
  5. Rinse with plenty of hot water (before it dries)
  6. Wash by hand or machine (according to manufacturer's specifications)
  7. Allow to dry.

Other alternatives:

  1. Sprinkle baby powder or cornstarch on the grease stain and let it sit for a few minutes
  2. Shake the garment before washing
  3. Rub a bit liquid soap or shampoo with a little baking powder and wait for it to soak in, then wash.

You can also try a tire cleaner, brake cleaner or oven cleaner before wash.

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