how much does it cost to drill a bowling ball

Do you want to know how much does it cost to drill a bowling? Just read this post.

Bolus balls
Bowling ball drilling services have differents cost

There are generally two types of drilling services that you can purchase at your local pro store:

  • Basic drilling services
  • Custom drilling services.

Basic drilling services are recommended for recreational bowlers who purchased their own ball.

Custom drilling services are recommended for people who are more than casual bowlers, i.e. advanced and professional bowlers.

The costs of drilling a standard bowling pin for standard drills

The basic drill costs around $30 to $50: it gives you a conventional hole layout, using an average for the span and sizes of the holes.

The fit may not be the most perfect with cup drills, because you are drilling based on average measurements.

Some adjustments must be made to the size of the holes.

Cost of Custom Drilling

The cost of a custom drill can be $50 or $70. For this price you usually get the installation of finger inserts, thumb studs and change grips.

Cost of Novice Drills

If you are a beginner you may not need to drill your bowling ball, especially if you bought a plastic bowling ball, i.e. the entry level ball.

You may find that the cost of drilling outweighs the price of your ball.

If you buy a ball with a pre-drilled option, that would be great. Most companies do not charge extra for this.

However, if you want a better experience or a good grip, you may want to spend extra dollars.

Check this out, a plastic bowling ball can cost you anywhere from $50 to $70 and drilling can cost you about the same.

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Cost of drilling for advanced players 

Advanced and professional bowlers always want to have custom holes in their bowling ball.

They prefer it that way because that way they will have a perfect fit to improve and maximize their control over the ball.

The cost of drilling a bowling ball for advanced and professional bowlers depends on the quality of the ball.

Some companies may offer drilling services starting at $20, while others charge up to $70.

There are additional charges that can affect these costs

in these charges some companies offer the service of drilling protection for a fee of $5 to $10 which covers the costs of the ball in case it is damaged during the drilling process.

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