how to make a sun in little alchemy

Little Alchemy is a puzzle game with over 1000,000 users, It's very popular and free. With Little Alchemy you can start by combining four elements to create many things.

How to make a sun in Little Alchemy
You can make a sun in Little Alchemy

The objective is to combine new elements until all the objects are unlocked.

It is available in English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, Norwegian, Swedish, Polish, Dutch.

You will have fun mixing elements in Little Alchemy, each combination is a new puzzle to solve.

Little Alchemy is free and works even offline, and is integrated with Google play.

Little Alchemy latest update

Recently in its last update Little Alchemy had improvements with a new design, better performance, and the best thing is that you can synchronize your progress between several devices.

With Little Alchemy  you have the opportunity to develop all your creativity mixing elements to create new things.

If you get paralyzed, you just have to ask for the incorporation of new elements to continue.

What should I do in Little Alchemy?

You only have to drag the elements from the right to the left and position another element on, until you know if it's possible to do the combination.

What can you make with Sun in Little Alchemy?

We give you a guide to create Sun in Little Alchemy, you just have to follow these steps, they are very simple:

Sun combinations in Little Alchemy

+ plant = energy

+ vampire = dust

+ snowman = coal

+ tree = fruit

+ rain = rainbow

+ solar cell = electricity

+ plant = sunflower

+ flower = sunflower

+ time = day

+ night = day

+ sky = day

+ tool = solar cell

+ Moon = eclipse

+ clock = sundial

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+ mud = brick

+ clay = brick

+ grass = hay

+ sea = salt

+ ocean = salt

+ glasses = sunglasses

+ star = space

+ metal = gold

+ plant = oxygen

+ planet = solar system

+ ice = puddle

+ snowman = puddle

+ meat = jerky

+ snowman = carrot

+ Antarctica = aurora

Sun walkthrough

1. fire + water = steam

2. steam + air = cloud

3. cloud + air = sky

4. sky + fire = Sun

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