How to make stone in Little Alchemy?

Stone in Little Alchemy

Do you want to know how make stone in Little Alchemy? Just read on. How can I make stone in Little Alchemy? 1. lava + air Stone combinations: + air = sand + wind = sand + fire = metal + life = egg + metal = blade + sky = Moon + wheat = flour + grave = gravestone + dinosaur = fossil + explosion = Pop Rocks + space = meteoroid + tool = statue + plant = moss + algae = moss + desert = pyramid + sand = sandstone + sword = Excalibur Stone walkthrought 1. earth + fire = lava 2. lava + air = stone Little Alchemy is a free … Read more

how to make a sun in little alchemy

How to make a sun in Little Alchemy

Little Alchemy is a puzzle game with over 1000,000 users, It’s very popular and free. With Little Alchemy you can start by combining four elements to create many things. The objective is to combine new elements until all the objects are unlocked. It is available in English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, Norwegian, Swedish, Polish, Dutch. … Read more

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Bass master

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How to get a 30 on the ACT

Girl painting her hair

Do you want to know how to get a 30 on the ACT? We will tell you what you can do, just keep reading this post. A score of 30 or higher on the ACT puts you in a good place to be admitted to top colleges and universities. Increasing your ACT score is not … Read more

How to make a star in Little Alchemy

Star un Little Alchemy

With Little Alchemy, you can create by mixing various elements. Little Alchemy is an online game that works offline and is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Dutch, Polish, Norwegian and Swedish. Each combination you create in the game is a small puzzle to solve, and you have to keep alert how many elements … Read more

How to get bones in Minecraft


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It’s nighttime, and you are driving your car on a dark road.Then a car passes in front of you and then another driver does the same action. You hear the sound of sirens, and you stop your car. Now the policeman tells you that you have one of your lights out. In the meantime, he … Read more

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Beautiful hairstyle

Today we are going to dedicate ourselves to the hair. The hair is the great protagonist of every day in the life of any woman.A disorganized hair can ruin your day. Therefore after reading this post you’ll have some ideas to style it and make it a real work of art. Hairstyling Styling your hair is … Read more