how to get rid of possums in the attic

Would you like to know how to get rid of possums in the attic? Read on.

You can to get off rid off in the attic
You can get rid off possums in the attic

You hear the sound of their paws in your attic, and you're in for a surprise: an opossum!

But there is a solution for this, it's actually a very common occurrence.

Find the source of your problem:

  • Figure out how and why the possum got into your attic

Locate the place of entry and then focus on getting rid of the possum.

If you don't do this, you'll have more difficulties in your attic.

  • Check and seal loose boards

Possible entrances to your home will be eliminating the methods an opossum uses to enter.

  • Check the structure of your home inside and out, so you can be sure everything is in good condition.

Here's a comprehensive checklist:

  • Fill in driveways and holes

If there are holes or small openings in the structure of your home or around windows, seal them immediately.

Every unsealed hole is an entry opportunity for a small pest: opossum, raccoon, rat, mouse.

  • Once you have found the opossum's place of entry, you must begin your effort to drive them out of your home once and for all.

Here are the methods to get rid of an opossum

  • Buy a trap

You can find large rodent and nuisance animal traps on the market that you can use to confine opossums.

These traps have a spring system attached to the door and platform.

Once the opossum crawls into the trap to take the bait, the trap door snaps shut behind the opossum, locking it inside.

  • Clean the attic
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If your attic is disorganized, you must clean and tidy things up.

Possums love to make dens in disorganized spaces.

For this reason, you should clean everything to eliminate the opportunity for opossums to stay here.


  • Call a professional

When you get the above options, call a professional trained to handle these animals may cost you a little more money, but you will be paying for the opossum to be removed safely.

We hope these tips will be useful to solve your opossum problem.

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