How to make fruit in Little Alchemy

Little Alchemy

Do you need something hints? On Little Alchemy you’ll find them, you can be sure about it. You want to make fruit in Little Alchemy? This is very easy, if you want to make fruit in Little Alchemy, you can do these combinations: Fruit combinations in Little Alchemy + dough = pie + tree = … Read more

how to make a house in Little Alchemy

Little Alchemy is a new funny game, and the best: it’s free and don’t need conecttion. The game is about starting by making combinations with four basic elements until creating other things. For to do that the game presents you with up to 580 elements. It’s available in English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, Polish, Norwegian, … Read more

How hot does a blow-dryer get

Make this with your hair:

People use the blow-dryer to style their hair, some people use it once a day, others use it once a month or only occasionally when they go to the hairdresser’s. But the truth is that every time they expose their hair to the hair dryer they expose it to heat and this can cause serious … Read more

How to get shampoo out of carpet

Carpet with spilled shampoo

It’s not a common occurrence to spill shampoo on the carpet, but when it happens it’s a difficult situation. Did you accidentally spill shampoo on your carpet? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you how to solve the problem like a Professional, read this post. The first thing I am going to tell you is that you … Read more

How to get rid of weevils in my bedroom?

Weevil in rice

Have you seen small bugs in your bedroom? Don’t be afraid, balloons are a common pest and can get into your house through a crack in your door or through a purchase. If weevils are in your bedroom, and you want to get rid of them, stay here and read this post, we will tell … Read more