how to remove paint spray from car

Do you need to know how to remove  paint spray from car? Read on.

Spray paint in car
It's easy to iremove spray paint from car

It's really frustrating to see your car spray painted. If the problem is not that serious you can complete effective  alternatives yourself.

Methods to remove spray paint from your car 

  • Soap and water

You need a bucket, clean towels or rags, hose, bucket of clean water.

If the spray paint on the car is less than 24 hours old you can use soap and water to get your car looking like new.

Usually spray paint dries in 24 hours, so after that time soap and water may not be as effective.

  1. Mix water with soap, fill a bucket with warm water and add soap to make a good mixture, look for a clean rag to clean.
  2. Remove the spray paint by rubbing vigorously until the paint is removed.
  3. Rinse the area with clean water to ensure that the thinner doesn't corrupt the clear coat and paint of your vehicle. 
  • Enamel Remover

You need nail polish remover (without acetone) and a clean cloth.

When choosing a nail polish remover as a solution, you should first try a brand that does not have acetone.

Step 1: Apply the nail polish remover to a clean cloth or towel and rub the affected area in a circular motion from the outside toward the center.

Step 2: Continue until all the paint is gone. You may notice the spray paint becoming lighter as you wipe it off.

Step 3: Wash the area. Be sure to wash the affected area with soap and water after using the nail polish remover.

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If the nail polish remover stays on the car, it can begin to wear away the clear coat or top coat of paint.

  •  Lacquer thinner

You will need a clean cloth or towel. If you find that nail polish remover is not effective, you can try something stronger.

However, when using a stronger thinner, you should be aware that there is a higher risk of damaging your vehicle's original paint.

Lacquer thinner is a solvent that can be useful in removing unwanted paint from your vehicle.

  1. Apply the thinner. Apply a small amount of lacquer thinner to a clean cloth and rub it on the affected area. The paint will begin to disappear.

Be sure to have water in case you notice the thinner affecting the original paint.

Step 2: Remove the spray paint. Rub until all the paint is removed. Be sure to rinse the area with clean water to be sure the solvent does not continue to eat away at the clear coat and the car's paint. 

  • Rubbing compound

This method is good for removing paint, but you must be careful because it can also remove your car's original paint.

Is abrasive and will abrade the material until it is smooth. It is available online or at auto stores.

1. Apply a small amount of the rubbing compound to a cloth and start rubbing the paint on your car.

As you rub, see if the paint comes off the cloth, this is a sign that you should stop (so as not to damage the original paint).

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2. You must use the rubbing compound with a lot of patience, because if you work too fast you could make a mistake and damage the original paint of your car.

3. Wax the area. After removing the paint you should wax the affected area to restore the car's shine and protect it from future incidents.

  •  Gasoline

You need the following materials: gasoline, a clean cloth.

Is effective in removing paint, but like nail polish remover it can cause damage to the paint if you let it sit in case it is used improperly.

1. Apply gasoline to a cloth. Or a small amount of gasoline on a clean cloth or towel and rub the area.

If you see that the original paint is not affected by the gasoline continue to use it until the spray paint is completely removed.

2. Wash the area. Wash the area with soap and water after using the gasoline.

To conclude

You already know several methods to remove spray paint from your car, now you can choose the one you like the most and that fits your needs.

For best results we recommend you to seek help from a professional. If you liked this post share it!