How to charge a tablet without a charger

charge tablet

Do you want to know how to charge a tablet without a charger? Read on. You are away from home working with your tablet or phone, your battery is running low, you look for your charger, but you notice that you left it at home. At this time, you need to look for solutions. One … Read more

how to make brick in little alchemy

Brick un Little Alchemy

Do you want to know how to make brick un Little Alchemy? That is very easy, we will tell you what you can do, read on. How To Make Brick In Little Alchemy?  This is the way to make Brick in Little Alchemy: 1. fire + clay 2. fire + mud 3. mud + Sun … Read more

how to remove paint spray from car

Spray paint in car

Do you need to know how to remove  paint spray from car? Read on. It’s really frustrating to see your car spray painted. If the problem is not that serious you can complete effective  alternatives yourself. Methods to remove spray paint from your car  Soap and water You need a bucket, clean towels or rags, … Read more