How to charge a tablet without a charger

Do you want to know how to charge a tablet without a charger? Read on.

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You can charge your tablet without charger

You are away from home working with your tablet or phone, your battery is running low, you look for your charger, but you notice that you left it at home.

At this time, you need to look for solutions. One idea to solve this problem is to charge your phone or tablet without a charging port.

For some it is something impossible, but in reality it is not. You can charge your device without a charger.

  • You can use a compatible USB cable to charge your tablet through any USB port, such as the ports of your laptop, PC, etc.

Sometimes you can find USB ports in restaurants, hotels, coffee shops and airports.

These ports are good for charging your device, although they can be a bit slower.

  • You can use a Powerbank. Also known as portable chargers, they are very useful devices when you are traveling.

They have ample battery capacity to charge your device anywhere, anytime.

We only recommend buying a high capacity model and having a compatible cable.

  • Solar charger it is a friendly device for both you and the environment.

It is a great alternative for eco-friendly users. With it, you can charge your device without a charger, and you can also take care of the planet while using it.

You only need sunlight to charge the battery of the charger, with which you can then recharge your tablet.

Therefore, you no longer have to worry about how to charge your Acer tablet without a charger (or any other tablet).

  • The car charger. Almost all cars are nowadays equipped with USB interfaces.
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You can charge your device through the USB port of your vehicle, you just require a USB cable or adapter.

  • Universal battery charger. This device can charge any cell phone battery.

If you don't have a charger or your tablet's charging port is damaged, this is a smart way to charge your device.

  • Another idea Another clever trick is to keep a spare battery charged, so that when one goes dead you can easily swap it for the other.

If you do this, you will be saving time and will already have to wait for your tablet to finish charging before you can use it.

  • Wireless charging. Wireless charging is one of the best methods to charge a Samsung tablet without a charger.

But first you must understand a few things, for a device to support wireless charging it must support Qi.

Qi is a standard that facilitates the transfer of power wirelessly through a process called inductive charging within a distance of 4 cm.

If your tablet is Qi-compatible, all you need to do is buy a Qi pad and a Qi receiver charger to charge your device wirelessly.

Therefore, you no longer have to worry about charging your Samsung tablet without a charger.

Most Samsung Galaxy Notes tablets (including smartphones) are Qi-compatible.

  • Ai Charger utility for iPad. You can install Ai Charger for iPad on your computer, this is a charging device for iPads and iPhones.

This charger transforms any computer motherboard into a universal charger for Apple devices.

To conclude

If you were worried about charging your device without a charger, now you can rest assured.

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We show you several alternatives to do it.

Charging your device with its designated charger is the safest and most convenient way, but when you are far from any power outlet or compatible interfaces, these alternatives can be useful.

Thanks to the tips we gave you now you know you don't need to buy expensive chargers, nor do you have to stay unplugged when you're out and about adventuring in the great outdoors.

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