how to get better at beer pong

Are you interested in knowing how to get better at beer pong? Stay here, we will tell you what you can do.

Beer pong
you can get better at beer pong

Behind every drinking game, there is an intention: to get drunk. This is not the case with beer pong.

What is beer pong about?

Beer pong is a very social game in which players are competitive: everyone wants to win.

The goal is to get as drunk as you can while maintaining your aim, and your aim determines the length of the game: whether you play for camaraderie, to show off, or just to get more drunk.

No matter how good your aim is, the game will end if no one can throw anymore.

Tips to get better at beer pong

We want to help you get better at beer pong, and for that reason we will give you some tips:

  • You should have a hangover remedy with you

This game is definitely not made for responsible drinkers.

So if you're the driver, stick to counting shots and refereeing.

The better you shoot, the drunker you'll get. That's what the game is all about.

If you're hungover, it means you won, so be prepared for this before you touch the ball.

  • Understand the game

Although you want to get drunk, you also want your opposing team to get drunker.

Every time your team scores, the other team must drink beer.

You score every time you put a ping pong ball into one of the other team's cups.

They then remove the ball and drink beer. To win, you must eliminate the entire opposing team.

  • Get the right tools
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You will need:  party cups, 16 oz. red plastic type,  two ping pong balls, one for each team.

We recommend you have one too many because the teams are drunk and may lose the balls. 

  • A meter table is fine (this is the size of a ping pong table
  • Choose the number of cups

You can play 6-cup beer pong, in this one the balls are arranged in 3-2-1 formation.

You can also play 10 cups, arranged in 4-3-2-1.

Bigger cups are better because you have a better chance of winning. 

  • Choose the right equipment

Be wary of beer pong partners who are sober.

They'll make difficult shots, and all you want to do is get drunk.

Don't ask a partner to start, you'll extend eye contact into their drunkenness and the game is unlikely to start.

  • Up your game

You can do this by upping the ante. - Check the rules.

Every party has its subsets of rules. Sometimes, in some games, the loser must drink all the leftover beers from both teams.

In other games, making two shots in a row restarts the game.

Of course, the cup must be put away and drained when a ball falls into it.

When two balls fall into the same cup, the game is over.

  • Practice some tricks

If you play a lot, you will be able to have some throwing tricks.

The main throws are:

  • The high arc
  • The underhand pitch
  • The straight shot fastball
  • Bounce shot (jump two or three cups before settling).

Some house rules allow you to lean, others do not.

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We recommend playing after meals to avoid getting drunk too quickly.

  • Add some garnishes

If you're sober, the shooting tricks would be great, but if you're drunk they're more impressive.

Try some finger tricks before the game. - Get a good grip on the ball.

Try these grips after a few sips of beer, to be sure to reproduce them while alcohol is in your system. 

  • If you want to play alone, sportier, fill the glasses a little lower

But if it's a bachelor party, fill it all up and get your rocks off before you start the first game.

We already gave you the tips to you can get better at beer pong. We wish you a lot of success!