how to make brick in little alchemy

Do you want to know how to make brick un Little Alchemy? That is very easy, we will tell you what you can do, read on.

Brick un Little Alchemy
Make a brick in Little Alchemy is very easy

How To Make Brick In Little Alchemy? 

This is the way to make Brick in Little Alchemy:

1. fire + clay

2. fire + mud

3. mud + Sun

4. Sun + clay

Guide to make Brick in Little Alchemy

1. fire + air = energy

2. air + energy = wind

3. earth + fire = lava

4. lava + air = stone

5. wind + stone = sand

6. earth + water = mud

7. sand + mud = clay

8. fire + water = steam

9. steam + air = cloud

10. cloud + air = sky

11. sky + fire = Sun

12. Sun + clay = brick

Little Alchemy is a very popular free online game in which you must combine basic elements to produce other more complex elements.

It's an adventure and science game with which you can become a virtual alchemist.

You can start playing with the basic elements: water, fair, air and earth, with these four elements you can produce 550 items.

Then you can drag and drop one element on top of another to combine them.

You can combine two elements only once, and after you have made that element, you will find it again in the menu bar located on the right.

The science related to the elements will make you keep producing new and more complex mixtures, that's because we say that this game can be addictive.

Little Alchemy, it is available in iOS, Android and browser versions.

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