How to get bones in Minecraft

There are several ways to get bones in Minecraft. Do you want to know what they are? Keep reading this post.

You can get bones in Minecraft

Bones are valuable in Minecraft and there are several ways to find them in the game.

Also, they have several uses in Minecraft and you can use them to tame wolves and to create bone meal.

You can create bone blocks using 9 bones.

5 ways to get bones in Minecraft

To get bones in Minecraft, you can do this:

One of the easiest ways to get bones in Minecraft is by paying for the plains biomes at dawn in Minecraft.

You will often come across many floating bones from skeletons and other mobs that have been sunburned in the morning.

It's one of the best ways to get bones in Minecraft what you don't need to kill any mobs, and these piles of bones are easy to find in open expanses of land.

Many naturally generated structures have loot chests inside them and inside these you can find bones.

Another way to get bones is by killing skeletons. When normal skeletons die they drop between 0 and two bones and with each level of loot on your sword, the amount of bones that drop increases.

This means that with loot 3 you can expect between 2 and 8 bones to fall from each dead skeleton.

In addition withered skeletons, wanderers and skeleton horses can also drop between 0 to 2 bones upon death.

The higher the player's looting level, the higher the proportion of bones welded together will increase.

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The game mechanics of fishing makes it possible to catch treasure fish and scrap metal.

And minicraft bones are considered scrap. This means that every time you fish in the game you have a 1.1% chance of catching a bone.

The best way for to catch bones is if you don't have any kind of sea luck enchantment as this reduces the chance of you catching scrap.

A good enchantment for bone nibbling is one of the Lure enchantments. This allows you to make catches more frequently.

Pufferfish, cod and salmon as well as tropical fish have a 25% chance of dropping between 0 and 2 bones when they die. Did you like this post, share it!