How to make fruit in Little Alchemy

Do you need something hints? On Little Alchemy you'll find them, you can be sure about it.

Little Alchemy
You can make fruit in Little Alchemy

You want to make fruit in Little Alchemy?

This is very easy, if you want to make fruit in Little Alchemy, you can do these combinations:

Fruit combinations in Little Alchemy

+ dough = pie
+ tree = fruit tree
+ time = alcohol
+ alcohol = wine
+ water = juice
+ pressure = juice
+ palm = coconut
+ energy = sugar
+ rocket = starburst
+ juice = Juicy Fruit
+ monkey = banana
+ water = lemonade
+ field = vegetable
+ blender = smoothie

Fruit walkthrough
1. air + water = rain
2. rain + earth = plant
3. fire + air = energy
4. air + energy = wind
5. earth + fire = lava
6. lava + air = stone
7. wind + stone = sand
8. sand + fire = glass
9. sand + glass = time
10. plant + time = tree
11. earth + water = mud
12. plant + mud = swamp
13. swamp + energy = life
14. earth + life = human
15. plant + human = farmer
16. tree + farmer = fruit

This all sounds good but, what is Little Alchemy?

Little Alchemy is a free puzzle game that shows you 4 basic elements (water, fire, air and earth) with which you have other possibilities to create more options according to the combinations you make.

It is an easy game, based on the ancient art of Alchemy that combines elements of physics, chemistry, medicine, astrology, semiotics, art and more.

This art is intended to stimulate your mental agility to get 380 elements that the game offers.

What should I do in Little Alchemy?

You just have to drag the elements from the right to the left and position another element on it to know if it is possible to make the combination or not.

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In case you get stuck on the combination of elements, just ask for the addition of new ones.

In this game you only need to use your logic to make the combinations of materials and be able to create life and even people (you can do it, we are sure).

The game can be found on different platforms such as: Chrome, Pokki, Web Store, Google Play and App Store.

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