How hot does a blow-dryer get

People use the blow-dryer to style their hair, some people use it once a day, others use it once a month or only occasionally when they go to the hairdresser's.

But the truth is that every time they expose their hair to the hair dryer they expose it to heat and this can cause serious damage to the hair but, do you know what temperature is your hair dryer? Keep reading this post.

When using your hair dryer don't use a high temperature
When using your blow- dryer don't use a high temperature

Hair dryer can damage your hair

According to Dr. Tim Moore (ghd's Chief Technology Officer) drying your hair with a hair dryer is not harmful, however this appliance should be handled with care.

The expert recommends using the appliance at a low temperature and speed at first, this helps the hair not to overheat.

At the beginning of the drying process, the temperature of the appliance is low, but after the hair is dry the temperature can go up to about 197 degrees.

Of course, we recommend that you do not dry your hair at this high temperature as this can damage your hair.

If you want to take care of your hair, we recommend using the dryer on a cool setting rather than a high temperature.

This helps the internal bonds of your hair to rebuild and keep the style in place.

You should not start the drying process with wet hair because if it is too wet it will take too long to dry.

But not only that if you take too long drying your hair the extra heat will surely damage it.

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You can use a towel to dry your hair

In this case we recommend drying most of your hair with a towel before using the blow-dryer, but you should do it very carefully.

You could create a lot of split ends, to avoid this we recommend towel drying your hair, but if your hair is very fine or damaged the towel fibers can be very rough, if you use a cotton shirt the effect will be much smoother.

One way to make your style go faster is to create several sections in your hair to make drying and styling easier.

Do this on your hair:

We recommend that you make very thin sections so that it dries quickly and start from the bottom up.

Laying your hair up is very easy and allows you to know which sections are wet and which sections are dry.

Likewise, if you pick up your hair before you dry it, and before it has cooled, it will leave kinks in the sections you have dried.

In fact we recommend using a hair protectant before using the blow-dryer, this not only prevents split ends but also helps you to get the most out of your hair dryer.

Some sherries act as protectors and can help you keep your curls in place, and not only that, many heat protectors come in spray form making it easier to distribute the product correctly.

The heat setting

Hair dryers have various heat settings for a reason hair is different, for example high heat is ideal for very thick or coarse hair, but low heat is best for fine and fragile hair.

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If you still doubt which hair dryer was damaging, then you are on the road to dull and damaged hair.

Canadian dermatologist Jeff Donovan says that people with damaged hair find that their hair breaks very easily and the hair loses its shine and becomes less manageable.

He adds that damage to the hair shaft can even cause hair loss. All of these things happen when too much heat is used on the hair.


Don't use your hair dryer at too high a temperature because you can damage your hair.

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