How to make brick in Little Alchemy?

Little Alchemy is a new game free, very funny to awaken creativity and imagination.

With this game you must combine several elements to create new things.

The purpose is to combine elements to unlock all the objects that are at your disposal.

This guide we show you below explains the path of combinations that you can follow to create bricks in Little Alchemy. Continue reading.

You can make bricks un Little Alchemy

These are some combinations you can do:

1. fire + clay.
2. fire + mud.
3. mud + Sun.
4. Sun + clay.

What can I make with brick in Little Alchemy?

This list shows you the combinations you to make bricks:

Combine with                Create
Brick                                wall
Campfire                         fireplace
Fireplace                         chimney
Human                            house
Smoke                            chimney
Tool                                 house

Walkthrough for brick in Little Alchemy

If you follow these you will be able to make a brick:

Earth + water = mud
Fire + mud = brick

The brick is one of the first objects in the game and later it becomes a very important part of other objects that you will need for the evolution of humanity.

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Brick combinations in Little Alchemy

+ human = house
+ tool = house
+ campfire = fireplace
+ brick = wall
+ smoke = chimney
+ fireplace = chimney

Brick walkthroug

1. fire + air = energy
2. air + energy = wind
3. earth + fire = lava
4. lava + air = stone
5. wind + stone = sand
6. earth + water = mud
7. sand + mud = clay
8. fire + water = steam
9. steam + air = cloud
10. cloud + air = sky
11. sky + fire = Sun
12. Sun + clay = brick

Don't understand, what should I do in Little Alchemy?

Play in Little Alquemy is very easy, just drag the elements from the right to the left and position another element on that way, you will be able to know if the combination is possible or not.

What hapend if I am paralyzed at Little Alchemy?
If you get paralyzed in the combination of elements, you just have to ask and ask that new elements be incorporated into the game, don’t worry!

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