How to trim a pine tree that is too tall

Pines trees is one of the most common plants used to decorate gardens.

you must be able to your pine tree
You can to trim your pine tree

Properly formed wreath looks neat and small ends are one of the most important decorative elements.

They will create a pleasant and healthy atmosphere on the site. For that reason pine trees should be pruned regularly.

Do you want to know how to prune a pine that is too tall? Keep reading.

How to trim a pine tree?

Pine pruning for decorative purposes is generally done so that the crown retains an even pyramidal shape.

Thanks to her the pine can be seen more.These makes a real attraction at home.

You must do this in fall or winter:

  • Cut the ends of the old branches to get the sleeping buds to wake up.
  • Eliminate the old branches that are very large in which you observe that there are no more growth points.
  • In the spring you will see how new shoots appear in the remaining area of the branch, this will later become full shoots.
  • And it is very important to cut the branches so that a part of the needles remain in them, otherwise the branch will dry out completely.
  • The rejuvenating pruning is carried out once every three years, and thanks to this the tree will be able to look very good and will occupy the place that corresponds to it and the setting of the place.
  • You must be careful with this: you should be sure to familiarize yourself with the parts of the pine that are going to be cut:
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The crown: it is the upper part of the tree and is often known as the common leader, that there are two leaders, and you must cut both.

Candles: is the new growth that extends outward and upward from the tip of the branch and looks like candles are lighter green and softer to the touch, never do it with a tool.

Whorls are groups of branches that grow from the trunk between sets of whorls.

Pines trees are really beautiful

Pines trees are very beautiful but can grow from 4 feet to over 100 feet in height depending on their species.

Before buying a pine, we recommend that you consult your center of local gardening to find out which ones are available in your area and also to recommend how you should take care of it.

If you have pine trees in your garden, and they have not yet grown uncontrollably, you can keep them at a certain size, but this will surely continue to grow.

Also, if they cut them incorrectly, you could kill them.

Why should pine be pruned?

It's necessary to prune the pine for sanitary reasons to limit the height of its crown.

There are many people who like elegant crowns that can be obtained with decorative pruning.

These pines can be used to create walkways, hedges, etc.

One of the reasons for pruning a pine is to rejuvenate the old tree, as over time the area of growth will continue to tend towards the ends of the shoots.

If you or interfere and that you will get hard, you will get long branches. It can be one of the site decorations, and you can also dress it up for the new year.

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Just care of it, and you’ll have a beautyfull pine tree. Finally If you have any questions related to how to cut your pines, you should consult a professional.

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