How to dry Elmer’s Glue quickly

Although Elmer's glue doesn't always dry fast, you can speed up the drying time, and we'll tell you how you can do it. Keep reading this post.

Elmer's Glue
You can dry Elmer's Glue quickly

The product specifications say Elmer's glue dries in 30 minutes. But you can decrease this time by changing the environment.

Elmer's Glue a special product

Elmer's glue is a unique formula of a high quality, polyvinyl acetate type adhesive.

Its main characteristic:  it dries fast to form strong bonds in almost all porous and semi-porous materials.

It's based on water, low odor and totally safe to use, in fact it is non-flammable and non-toxic.

How can I dry Elmer's glue quickly?

It's very easy, just follow the steps below:

1. Glue two surfaces together by applying a thin layer of glue to one surface and place the second surface on top of the first surface to join them together.

2. Fix the surfaces with clamps if needed.

3. Now place the glued elements in a warm place.

4. Stop the fan to blow over the glued elements.

5. After 15 to 20 minutes check the items to see if the Elmer's glue is dry, if you notice that it's hard and transparent this means that the glue is already dry.

But if you notice that the glue is opaque and wet, let it dry for about five to ten minutes more.

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