How to make computer in Little Alchemy?

Little Alchemy is a new game in which you can combine elements to create new items.

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Little Alchemy computer
You can make a computer in Little Alchemy

The objective is to combine the elements until you unlock all the objects.This time we will give you a guide to create new items.

Little Alchemy game works offline, it is simple and intuitive.Explore what you can create by mixing simple elements.

It is available in several languages: English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Polish, French, Dutch, Swedish and Norwegian.

Play at your own pace and have fun mixing elements until you get interesting objects.

What do I have to do in Little Alchemy?

You just have to drag the elements from the right to the left and place another one on top of it to see if you can make the combination.

In case you get stuck in the combination of elements, you just have to ask and ask for the addition of others.

How to make computer in Little Alchemy?

For to make computer in Little Alchemy, just do this:

1. nerd + tool

2. electricity + nerd

3. wire + nerd

Computer combinations in Little Alchemy

+ squirrel = Pokki

+ letter = email

+ computer = Internet

+ wire = Internet

+ web = Internet

+ paper = printer

+ mouse = computer

mouse + dog = Doge

Computer walkthrough

1. earth + fire = lava

2. lava + air = stone

3. fire + stone = metal

4. fire + air = energy

5. metal + energy = electricity

6. metal + electricity = wire

7. earth + water = mud

8. air + water = rain

9. rain + earth = plant

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10. plant + mud = swamp

11. swamp + energy = life

12. earth + life = human

13. air + energy = wind

14. wind + stone = sand

15. sand + fire = glass

16. 2x glass = glasses

17. glasses + human = nerd

18. wire + nerd = computer


Little Alchemy is a game to develop thinking, we love it, that's why we recommend it.

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