How do you make energy in Little Alchemy

Do you want to make energy in Little Alchemy? Read on.

How to make energy in Little Alchemy
Make energy in Little Alchemy is easy

How I make energy in Little Alchemy?

  1.  fire + air
  2.  plant + Sun

Energy Combinations in Little Alchemy

+ water = steam

+ cloud = storm

+ earth = earthquake

+ air = wind

+ volcano = eruption

+ wind = hurricane

+ volcano = ash

+ swamp = life

+ metal = electricity

+ explosion = atomic

bomb + sand = sandstorm

+ sword = lightsaber

+ fruit = sugar

+ juice = sugar

+ bicycle = motorcycle

+ snow = avalanche

+ human = wizard

+ milk = butter

Energy walkthrough

1. fire + air = energy

Want to play Little Alchemy?

You can play at home when you are bored.

Little Alchemy is a free online game, you start by combining 4 elements: earth, air, water and fire.

With them, you start creating countless new, interesting and fun things.

These are the elements you find in the game:

  • Basic elements: The elements you get when you start the game or the ones you unlock by fulfilling some conditions.
  • Unlockable elements: By reaching progress milestones, you can unlock elements.
  • Final items: These are the items that you don’t transform into new things.They are not shown in the inventory, but you can find them in the encyclopedia.
  • Exhausted items: These items disappear from the workspace after you find all the combinations of the item.


Use your intelligence to find the correct combinations. Some combinations are less obvious than others.

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