how to get someone to stop texting you

Do you want to know how to get someone to stop texting you? We will give you any tips, read on.

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you can get someone to stop texting to you

We have all at least once received unwanted text messages on our phones from friends, stalkers, or admirers, this is a really annoying and disturbing situation.

This happens especially when the person sending you the messages is in love with you, but your feeling towards them is not mutual.

Tips to get someone to stop texting you

There are several ways to cut off annoying messages without being rude:

  • Block it

Almost all service providers and cell phones have a block feature, which was designed to prohibit unwanted text messages and calls.

So every time they try to send you a text message, they will fail in their attempt.

  • Don't respond

Ignore the text, Silence is a powerful weapon to get someone to stop texting you.

After sending, you various messages without receiving a response from you, it's very likely that the person will get tired. 

  • Be honest

You can be sincere and inform the person that you don't enjoy receiving their text message but be careful not to hurt their feelings.

Tell them you're not in a good time to chat.

  • Deal with the situation

If the situation has exhausted you, you should act immediately, and we recommend you opt for confrontation when you have exhausted all avenues and have failed.

This strategy can be reserved for people who text you very persistently, and you have made it clear that you don't like them.

  • Change your number
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If you have no other alternatives, change your number is the only option you have left so that the unbearable person does not bother you anymore.

You have already blocked him, but he sends you messages from different numbers, these messages are so annoying that you can't stand it anymore, get a new number and share it only with people you trust.

  • Seek help

Ask for help from that great friend who always helps you when you need it.

You can send threats through your friend (you could ask him to pretend to be your boyfriend, for example), to push him away.

  • Mistake text pranks

This is another way to get a person to stop bothering you through unwanted text messages.

Every time you receive a text message, respond with a message like:

"Error SMS 111: customer not authorized to receive."

The person will give up after trying several times and think it is a service failure that prevents you from sending a message.

  • Inform the authorities

If you have already made many attempts to get the person to stop sending you annoying messages, but it seems that he does not intend to desist from his behavior, you should immediately contact the police, and you may even be able to obtain a restraining order from the court. You do not have to suffer in silence.

We already gave you some tips to get that person to stop sending you unwanted text messages.

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