How to install a utility sink next to washer

Maybe you want to make a reform in your kitchen, and you are going to change the arrangement of some of your appliances or simply the time has come to change the old devices by other more modern and not only that you also want to put one next to the other.

You can install your dishwasher and washing machine together
You can install your dishwasher and washing machine together

If you want to install the dishwasher and the washing machine together, but you have some doubts about if you should do this, we have good news for you, you can place these two appliances together without having to have any leakage loss of pressure or other inconveniences.

We will give you some recommendations that can be useful for this operation to be successful.

If your house is old, it may not have a separate drain for the installation of the dishwasher and the washing machine together.

In this case you should do an intervention, and you are going to need a plumber so that you have an independent outlet for each appliance.

Another option is for both the dishwasher and the washing machine to release the water into the siphoned drain that the sink has.

To do this, it's necessary to place an adapter with outlets that allow the tubes that each device has to be connected to them.

In this case of shared pipes, you must alternate the operation of each of the electrical appliances, that is, never use both at the same time.

Good idea: The drain of the washing machine higher

If the dishwasher and the washing machine drains by pressure, this makes it easier for them to be installed together.

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Although in certain cases the drain is better, the washing machine is a little higher than that of the dishwasher.

It's a good way to prevent that in case the water is released quickly with the pressure it has from being revoked, it imparts the drain from one appliance to the other.

It would be good to avoid this situation, especially if the dishwasher reverses the drain of the washing machine because it can cause a bad cleaning of the clothes.

There may be pressure loss in the water if the dishwasher in the washing machine they are together, it's possible that pressure will be lost at the tap water outlet.

By placing a T system in the mouth of the cold water and extracting a socket for each appliance, the water flow can be affected.

Although it's rare to use both at the same time, it must be considered that in this situation the dishwasher doesn't use water during its entire operating time, if not only in a few moments.

If you think that you are going to use both at the same time, you need a high pressure from the sink tap in this case, then we recommend installing a Y-shaped drain.

You must know what is the diameter of the drain pipe when installing the drain for a washing machine and dishwasher, you should bear in mind that it's important to know the diameter of the drain pipe.

You must purchase the correct size, and you must also purchase the sleeves and elbow fittings required for PVC pipe and the correct metal clamps.

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The pipes of south in dishwasher and sink have a diameter of 40 mm, but the case of antiquity houses usually have diameter of 32 mm.


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