how to remove tattoo at home

Do you want to know how it is possible to remove a tattoo at home? Stay here, we will tell you what you can do. Read on.

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You can to remove a tattoo at home

Some people who get tattoos soon regret it but cannot afford laser removal because it is expensive and also dangerous to their health.

What many people don't know is that there are natural techniques to remove tattoos, you can remove a tattoo yourself at home.

Natural techniques to remove a tattoo at home

  • Salabration

Using salt to remove your tattoo has no side effects in most cases.

Just periodically rub the salt on the tattoo area.

You may feel some pain, if so ibuprofen may help you.

There will be no permanent damage to your body and the tattoo will disappear very soon.

It is a cheap and simple technique to do and is much more convenient than laser surgery.

  • Aloe vera

It is another method to remove tattoos naturally, and it is painless.

Aloe vera provides nutrients to your skin while removing your tattoo, so it is a benefit for you.

You only need to rub it on the tattoo area 4 times a day, and from time to time rub it with some natural yogurt, until you notice that the tattoo has disappeared.

  • Sand powder

You can use sand powder with aloe vera to create a paste that permanently removes your tattoos.

Take some sand powder and mix it with aloe vera, and then apply bars of it once a day until the tattoo disappears.

  • Honey

You can also mix honey, salt, yogurt and aloe vera to create a paste that will help you remove your tattoo naturally.

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This method can work faster than plain aloe vera and is applied the same amount of times per day.

Spread the paste over the area and in no time you will no longer have any tattoos.

  •  Lemon

This is one of the best, healthiest and most natural methods to remove and lighten tattoos.

This method smoothest and nourishes your skin, promoting the growth of new and healthy cells.

It also acts as a bleach to remove unwanted inks.

It can work better if mixed with a little salt.

Furthermore, it is an ideal method for tattoos that are already clear.

  • Creams

You can purchase creams to remove tattoos naturally instead of opting for laser surgery, although we recommend you first consult with your doctor, as creams can have side effects.


If you have a tattoo and do not want to have it anymore you can use these natural methods to remove it.

This post is informative, if you have any concerns you should consult with a specialist.

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