How to know if your cousin likes you – Quiz

Do you want to know if your cousin likes you? We will tell you how you can to know if a guy likes you, he just continues reading this post.

My cousin likes me
If he is interested in you then he likes you

If you want to know if a person likes you, look for the things you have in common.

This is the first step to find out if a guy loves you.

The more your interests coincide with his, the more attached you may feel to him.

How could you love someone if you don't love yourself?

If you don't love yourself, you can't wait for someone else to love you.

You will feel fulfilled and secure when you can love yourself.

These feelings will help you attract into your life the person with whom you feel comfortable.

But you should not let the opinion of others affect you, this should not happen if you are satisfied with yourself.

How do I know if my cousin likes me?

You can to know if that guy likes you, if you notice that he is attentive, kind and nice to you!

Look at him, when he talks to you:

  • Does he lean forward
  • Does he brush his lips with yours carelessly
  • Does he offer to help you with your homework
  • Does he join the club you belong to
  • Does he write you letters?

If he does these things for you, then he might like you.

I'm honest with you and I hope this quiz help you.

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