how to get roaches out of tv

Do you want to know how to get roaches out of your TV? Keep reading, we will tell you how you can do it.

Roaches on the tv
You can get roaches out of TV

If you want to get roaches out of your TV, the first thing you should do is follow the recommendations below:

  • Eliminate any water spills that may make them accessible (or standing water)
  • Don't leave food out overnight
  • Preserve your dog's food in a sealed container
  • Clean your house often
  • Keep your electronics clean and disinfected frequently
  • Before looking for roaches in your TV, check the rest of your home, including the basement and attic.

You may find cockroaches under your refrigerator or elsewhere:

If you want to know if there are roaches in your TV, check for roach droppings: cockroach droppings look like black pepper or fine coffee grounds.

You can usually see them around the cable ports or the power outlet of your set.

If roaches get inside your TV, it can be difficult to remove them without damaging the set.

Try this:

You can try putting the infested set inside the freezer and you may be able to kill the entire cockroach colony with a single blow.

You can check the manufacturer's manual to find out if the TV can withstand low temperatures.

If possible, you can put your TV inside a sealed plastic bag and leave it in the freezer overnight.

The temperature will kill the roaches, but you may worry that the cold will damage your set.

In this case you could place a roach gel bait, bait station or boric acid trap outside the appliance.

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The roaches will be attracted to the poisoned food and will subsequently die.

This is probably the method that will be most effective in eliminating a roach infestation in your television.

However, you must dispose of any dead roaches that remain inside the electronics.

How can I clean my TV from a cockroach infestation?

After getting the cockroaches killed inside your TV, you must get rid of the traces of roaches.

But we know this is not easy, the eggs can repopulate your TV with more unwanted guests.

You can expel roaches from your TV using compressed air. Roaches might get into the smallest crevices.

So you should use the smallest tip you can get for your compressed air.

This will spray the roach guts, eggs, feces and maybe live roaches out of your TV.

You can blow out the electronics, take it apart with a screwdriver and clean the inside with a soft cloth or swab.

Very important:

  • Never use soapy water to clean your electronics the liquid, could short circuit or cause permanent damage to your electronics.

This post is for informational purposes. if you have a roach infestation and you can't control it yourself, you should call a pest control professional.

They surely have the ideal methods to solve your problem (without damaging your electronics).

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