how to break up concrete with chemicals

Concrete is a very durable material, but difficult to remove. If you need to know how it is possible to break up concrete with chemicals, keep reading this post.

Man breaking concrete
Chemicals are available to break down concrete

Breaking up concrete takes time, effort and physical strength. It's a grueling process, to be honest. But there are tools that can help you do this job.

Some chemicals used in concrete breaking

There are products on the construction market that can be used to break up or soften hardened concrete and make removal easier.

They are very toxic and should be used with care so that they do not cause damage.

Dexpan or Ecobust brand

This product comes in an 11-pound bucket of powder. All that is required is a series of holes in the hardened concrete surface.

Now pour the Dexpan product mixed with water to fill the holes, leave it overnight.

This component expands and breaks the hardened concrete into slightly smaller pieces.


  • With a large hole punch holes in the concrete, these should be one foot apart.
  • Drill to 80% depth, this should create a grid of several holes
  • ¬†Mix your solution: mix one liter of cold water with an 11 pound bag of Dexpan
  • After that is mixed, remove the Dexpan with a drill and a trowel. There should be no lumps in the mixture
  • Wait 15 minutes and then pour the demolition grout into the holes, this should be done very quickly
  • Any excess grout should be removed and the holes should be kept away from direct light, snow or rain
  • Now wait about 8 hours until some cracks appear, but you are not done yet: After the grout dries brush off the remains.
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Another way to break the concrete

  • The pneumatic hammer

Another way to break hardened concrete is the jackhammer.

You can rent one from any equipment rental company. This is very good for removing a deck that is made entirely of a concrete slab.

The jackhammer can be used to break the concrete into small pieces which will make it easier to remove and transport.

When using a jackhammer you must have all protective and safety equipment.

When drilling holes in hardened concrete the structure will be weakened, making it easy to break and remove.

  • Rotary hammer

This is an excellent tool for demolishing concrete.

Pick axe When there is a need to break and remove molten concrete with a lot of thickness, a pickaxe can be used to cause cracks in it. Even to break it further, a screwdriver can be used.

  • Hacksaw

This is one of the tools you need to break concrete. It is very useful when you need to cut rebar and pipes quickly and cleanly.

Impact wrench Impact wrenches break through any type of concrete, easily and quickly.

Mallet and crowbar If the concrete slab is three inches thick or less, the best tool you can use to break through it is a metal mallet with some elbow grease.

Concrete chisel

You can use a concrete chisel to remove concrete from cracks around pipes. This is an essential tool in any concrete demolition project.

Be careful

You must be very careful when using this type of tool to prevent injury. If you decide to rent one, you must follow the instructions given by the company.

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We already showed you some of the tools that are used to break concrete.

Only recommend that you follow the safety measures when using any of them to prevent injuries.

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