how to dry laminate flooring with water under it

Laminate flooring can give your home an elegant look. However, they have a drawback: they are not waterproof.

Therefore, they are more vulnerable to water damage. In this post we will tell you how to dry laminate flooring with water under it. Read on.

Laminated car
you can dry your laminate floor

If you want to dry your laminate flooring with water under it you should follow these steps If it is a small spill you should only wipe the water away.

Bit, If there is more water you will have to work a little harder and need more time to clean up.

First, remove the standing water. If there is still water, remove it immediately, and if there is less than one centimeter of water you can use a mop or towel to clean it up.

But, if there is more than one centimeter of water use a vacuum cleaner or a number drying pump.

Time to remove the moldings and flooring

Very carefully remove each board from the salary then dry each of the floor boards.

Use high volume dehumidifiers and fans. Be sure to keep the boards flat when drying, otherwise they may warp or buckle.

Clean and dry the subfloor well, while doing so use towels to absorb water residues, use hot water and soap if necessary.

Disinfect with bleach and water to prevent mold and odors. Once the floorboards are completely dry, dry them individually with clean towels.

Disinfect with bleach and water (also to prevent mold and odors). Air dry the planks before installing them again.

Finally install the laminate floor boards again. If there is a lot of damage you may need to replace some boards.

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Using dehumidifiers and high volume fans the laminate floor will dry within 12 to 36 hours, depending on the amount of water spilled and the panels affected.

If domestic fans are used for drying it could take several days or up to a week to dry.

Do not put the laminate flooring in place that will take several weeks and may cause love and other hazards to appear.

When should laminate flooring be replaced after water damage?

If the laminate flooring has been in contact with sewage water you should replace it this can be very dangerous for your health due to the risk of mold and bacteria in addition you should replace it.

If you cannot clean it immediately after a flood any warped swollen boards should also be replaced.

Elmo takes between 24 hours to 48 hours to grow. If it finds a favorable environment it will develop easily.

However, if a groundwater flood or sewage accumulation occurs, the mode takes between 12 to 24 hours to grow.

This means that the longer it takes to clean up the more likely the mobile bacteria will grow.

This can lead to illness, including nasal congestion throat, irritation coughing wheezing eye irritation and skin conditions.

Preventive measures

To preserve your laminate flooring you can take several preventative measures. If your laminate only is in a room that gets wet or is next to a fixture that leaks water with certain frequency, then you will need to waterproof.

A good option if you have not laid your laminate cellu, is to buy a waterproofed floor.

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But if you have a laminate floor, seal the locking mechanisms with a laminate floor sealant.

If you buy a sealer, you should make sure it is made specifically for your laminate flooring and should follow the manufacturer's instructions.

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